Whoppa Cycles

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Whoppa Cycles is the proud manufacturer of high quality, reliable, eco-friendly, safe, affordable, pedal and electric motor-assisted e-Trikes and e-Bicycles.

We believe that bicycles and tricycles have the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives as well as in society; from creating jobs and providing affordable transport, to being fun-factories, making good times fly by as fast as the landscape.

We’re not here to reinvent the wheel; we combine world-leading modern technology with incredibly durable South African design. 

Vision Statement

“Our Vision is to have alleviated unemployment and poverty in African nations by empowering the less privileged individuals and communities to create their own self sustaining businesses using Whoppa Cycles.”

Mission Statement

“Our Mission is to secure funding for the manufacturing of the Whoppa iThuba Tricycles, in order for them to be distributed to the unemployed and previously disadvantaged in order to achieve our vision.“


Whoppa Cycles is a division of Zimzeni, a proudly South African company, with decades of considerable experience in manufacturing various products to suit customer’s requirements. Our turnkey facility allows us to cater for all our customer’s requirements, we pride ourselves in building products that exceed the market norms. 
With strong roots in manufacturing Gas Cylinder Pallets, Fencing and Furniture; in 2012 CEO Warwick Yardly felt the urge to create strong, positive, social impact. The result is Whoppa Cycles, the makers of high-quality, reliable, eco-friendly, safe, affordable, pedal and electric motor-assisted e-Trikes and e-bicycles. A proud South African company.


Our team consists of mainly 7 departments; Management, Admin & Marketing, Stock Control & Procurement, Manufacturing, Assembly, Powder Coating, and Packaging Dispatch. We are proudly a level 2 BBBEE company


Our manufacturing facility, situated in Johannesburg, South Africa boasts specialised machinery, highly skilled personnel, ample space to increase production capacity and is easily accessible from transport routes.

Whoppa Cycles has invested millions in high tech plant, equipment and infrastructure, to be able to produce Whoppa “ITHUBA” cargo trikes in large volumes for the African markets.